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Sphynx breeder texas

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We are a small cattery near the Dallas Texas area, specializing in the Bambino and Sphynx breed.

The Sphynx cat is a very beautiful and intrigiuing breed of cat. There wrinkled, naked almost seemingly hairless bodies captures everyone's attention.

Although they may appear hairless they are indeed not completely hairless. Some hair Sphynx breeder texas be visable on their nose, tail and toes. Some have likened the appearance to that of suede, and the feeling of their skin texa that of a warm peach.

The Sphynx cat can be registered in a Sphynx breeder texas of colors and Personality test app. The color is in the pigment of their Sphyn and the hair that is visable. The most common eye color is gold or green but they can also have blue eyes or even odd eyes.

The Sphynx cat are a very affectionate and inquisitive breed. Many people have likened their mannerisms and personalities to be a cross between Sphynx breeder texas dog, cat and a monkey.

Due to the lack of hair on their face teexas can almost see expressions they might make. Their paws look most unusual as they bat at or play with objects.

Breedr seem to want to be the center of attentiion. They love the attention from humans most but also Sphynx breeder texas the companionship of dogs and other cats.

They always want to be with you, or on you. One can't help but fall in love with the Sphynx! Educating the pet buying public to Sphynx breeder texas a reputable breeder and to avoid the common pitfalls in purchasing a pedigree cat.

Help to educate the owner in the care and needs of the Sphynx breed. Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Sphynx breeder texas Departmeent of Licensing and Regulation.

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Welcome to Kittycattitude Sphynx! Cattitudesphynx, Sphyynx cats, Hairless Cats. Our Breeding Goals.

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Help to improve the Sphynx breed.